Welcome to From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault, one snarky magpie American’s attempt to chronicle the jewels worn by Queen Elizabeth II as she wears them, with added sparkle from The Duchess of Cornwall.

Why? In response to an overwhelming number of requests for more information on Elizabeth II’s jewel collection in her Diamond Jubilee year, I started a weekly series on my primary blog (The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor) featuring The Queen’s brooches. As a result, I got even more questions and requests for info on Her Majesty: what brooch was she wearing each day? What about those earrings, and those pearls? I just grew so accustomed to checking in with QEII, I decided to make it public. In March 2015, I added coverage of the jewels of The Duchess of Cornwall to the fun. We also keep track of items from The Queen's collection loaned to others, namely The Duchess of Cambridge and The Countess of Wessex (but not their personal collections).

How does this work? There are two types of posts here: events and jewel posts. Current events document which jewels were worn by The Queen for her daily engagements as they occur, with some flashback posts to events of the past. Jewel posts give a brief history of the jewel in question and include links to each event in which the jewel is seen on this blog. This is not an attempt to create a comprehensive database of all the jewels owned by The Queen, or by The Duchess of Cornwall. (For the record, I don’t believe such a thing is possible, and certainly not for a blog that exists primarily to oooh and aaah over pretty things.)

Why isn’t {Insert Gem Here} covered? The focus here is on documenting The Queen’s daily events as they occur and covering the jewels as they appear, with added pieces from the past as time allows. Thus, if something isn’t covered here, it’s probably because it hasn’t been seen since the blog started in June 2012 and we haven't gotten around to covering it separately. Questions and requests are always welcome at the email address listed below!

About accuracy… I make every attempt to convey the best publicly available information on each jewel covered here. However, I am not an expert. I have no resources that aren’t also available to anyone with a library card, an Amazon account, and an internet search engine. If you see something that might be wrong… Please speak up! Leaving a comment is best as others can also contribute to the discussion, but you can also email me at orderofsplendor {at} hotmail {dot} com, or tweet me @orderofsplendor. I will correct posts as needed.