12 June 2021

Trooping the Colour, G7 Summit, and Other Recent Events

June 12: A pared down version of Trooping the Colour was held to celebrate The Queen's Official Birthday at Windsor Castle.
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Larger than last year's but still not at the level of the London version of Trooping the Colour, The Queen repeated a recent favorite outfit and took the unusual step of not wearing a regimental badge for her birthday parade this year. (Last year, she opted for the Welsh Guards Badge; for Trooping the Colour, she usually favors the Guards Badge.)

June 11: The Queen and other members of the Royal Family attended events for the G7 Summit with world leaders. The Queen also attended an event for The Big Lunch.
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Bit of a surprise selection here, just the fifth time we've seen the Botswana Flower Brooch worn - a much more sizeable brooch in use than it seems in pictures alone.

June 9: The Queen received a Duke of Edinburgh Rose at Windsor Castle, ahead of what would have been Prince Philip's 100th birthday.
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A casual queen for a more personal engagement.

June 8: The Queen held virtual audiences from Windsor Castle.
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Another lovely surprise here; this is only the third time we've seen this butterfly brooch since the site has been operating. 

Finally, I have received some emails and comments so let me add a note on the blog's content at the moment: Not all recent engagements have been covered here. Covering everything and doing so on the day it happens isn't feasible right now. I appreciate your understanding.