26 May 2021

HMS Queen Elizabeth Visit, Virtual Audiences, and a New Loan

May 22: The Queen visited HMS Queen Elizabeth at HM Naval Base in Portsmouth ahead of the ship's maiden deployment.

Royal Navy/Ministry of Defence 2021
The Queen donned a cashmere coat and wool crepe dress by Stewart Parvin with a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat for one of her rare (for these days) engagements outside the palace. The brooch was a gift from The Duke of Edinburgh, long referred to here (and elsewhere) as the Grima Ruby Brooch and referred to by the palace as a Scarab Brooch.


May 25: The Queen held virtual audiences from Windsor Castle.

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Another sorta look at a brooch, this one very triangular up top, which leads me to guess Queen Mary's Russian Brooch.

May 26: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted a drive-in cinema event for NHS staff at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Duchess of Cambridge's earrings are on loan from The Queen.

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And finally, a new loan for The Duchess of Cambridge! These earrings are part of the Dubai Looped Sapphire Demi-Parure, a gift to The Queen from Sheikh Rashid of Dubai in 1979. I can't say I've ever loved these revamped earrings, but the color does look stunning here.