13 March 2021

British Science Week Video Call

March 12: The Queen participated in a video call celebrating British Science Week.
Royal Family
The Pearl Trefoil's making up for lost time after missing out on 2020, I guess.

07 March 2021

Commonwealth Day Message and Recent Video Calls

March 7: The Queen's Commonwealth Day Message was released.
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Last year's Commonwealth Day service was one of the last appearances we had from The Queen outside of the palace before lockdown began, and this year's had to be cancelled. A message was released instead.

February 25: The Queen participated in a video call with health leaders about the Covid-19 vaccine.
Royal Family

The Queen was all quiet for the beginning of the year until the end of February, when we had a small flurry of business-as-usual stuff released (following news of Prince Philip's hospitalization and ahead of the Harry and Meghan interview). That included this appearance of the Six Petal Flower Brooch, worn while The Queen talked about her own experience getting vaccinated...

February 24: The Queen met virtually with government representatives in South Australia.
Royal Family

...and the Pearl Trefoil, worn while virtually unveiling a new statue of herself. We do not appear to have seen this old standby at all during the weirdness that was 2020.