03 July 2019

The Pink and Black Paisley Brooch

The Queen wearing the Pink and Black Paisley Brooch
Royal Family

For her annual garden party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse today, The Queen appears to have delivered the public debut of an unusual brooch. The piece is created from seven curved teardrop or paisley shapes (paisley using the Persian bota or boteh motif), accented with diamonds or other white stones on the edges.

Embed from Getty Images

The paisley shapes alternate in black and pink opaque stones. The black could be onyx (in various photos from the garden party, the reflection off the shapes can make some of the black paisleys appear to be blue); the pink could be conch pearl or coral or another material. Onyx, conch pearl or coral, and diamond is a combination of stones that brings to mind designs from the Art Deco era.

Royal Family

This is a bold piece with a strong graphic impression and high contrast between the stone colors, making it an immediate standout in The Queen's large brooch collection. As of this writing, the piece has no confirmed provenance or history.

3 July 2019: Holyrood Week: Garden Party