03 July 2019

Holyrood Week: Audiences and Garden Party

The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of York, The Earl of Forfar, and The Princess Royal, attended a Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
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Guess what time it is, folks: NEW BROOCH TIME! (New to me, at least.) This is the first "new" piece we've seen this year.

Duke of York

It's an unusual pick for The Queen, with black and pink opaque stones in paisley shapes accented by what appear to be diamonds. I don't really know any information about it at this time, but you can click the brooch name below for more thoughts.

The Queen received the First Minister of Scotland and the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament for audiences at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
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It's not just a NEW brooch day, it's also a TWO brooch day, as Her Maj sported something different for her audiences earlier in the day. I very nearly thought this one was also a new brooch, thanks to a dress pattern that practically erases the diamonds in this brooch. It turned out to be Queen Mary's Russian Brooch - but worn with the sapphire on top, rather than the sapphire on the bottom as we usually see The Queen wear it.