17 June 2019

Garter Day

The Queen gave a Luncheon Party for the Companions for the Most Noble Order of the Garter. A Service was held in St. George's Chapel this afternoon.
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Hey hey it's Garter Day, featuring Bonus Royal Action! Before we get to that, though, it's Her Maj herself. She was decked out in diamonds this year, including Queen Mary's Cluster Earrings. Those have been more commonly spotted at the Order of the Thistle Service in recent years.

Diamond Bracelet
Mantle and Bonnet of the Order of the Garter
Collar and Great George of the Order of the Garter

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Here's your Bonus Royal Action: The King of Spain and The King of the Netherlands showed up to be formally invested as Supernumerary or "Stranger" Knights of the Garter. Both received the honor during their recent state visits to the United Kingdom.

Royal Family

Queen Letizia and Queen Máxima didn't miss a chance to show up in their behatted best, making for an extra splendiforous royal spouse line up this year.

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Queen Máxima just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that she's still into the ginormous belts, while The Duchess of Cambridge (in the Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings from Diana) is here to reassure you that her supply of proper Catherine Walker princess gear is never-ending. Thanks for the updates, ladies.

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Rare is the day when Queen Máxima gets out-jeweled, but she must have felt the sting of a missed opportunity when Letizia and Camilla rolled up. Queen Letizia came to play, bless her, with no less than the earrings from the joyas de pasar earrings and a diamond brooch (!!) (this one's from Queen Sofia). The Duchess of Cornwall matched her gem for gem in her magnificent Pink Topaz Choker and its accompanying earrings, huzzah. Deeeelightful.