15 November 2018

Anglo-Norse Society Centenary

The Queen and The King of Norway, Joint Patrons, attended a centenary reception for the Anglo-Norse Society in London.
Royal Family

A handy little joint engagement while the extended fam's in town for Charles' birthday party, how about that?

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It's a brooch treat, too. We haven't seen the Dorset Bow Brooch used outside of the Cenotaph remembrance service and one state banquet since this site's been in existence. (I like to think she had it out as a contender for Remembrance Sunday and then decided to give it a consolation appearance when it didn't make the final cut.) The size works really well here, balancing the bow at the waist nicely.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

Royal Family

A bonus bunad alert in Britain! I like this whole engagement very much.