24 October 2018

State Visit from The Netherlands, Farewell, and Audience at Buckingham Palace

The Queen bid farewell to The King and Queen of The Netherlands at the end of their State Visit to the United Kingdom.
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Do you think Her Maj and Her Maj had a nice chat about the importance of dressing to be seen in a crowd? That is one screaming hot pink Oscar de la Renta dress on Máxima!

Royal Family Channel screencap

On the other hand, this is a very smart soft blue suit for QEII. (I think it's new? If it isn't, then I'm sure I've said this very thing in the past.) The black accents tie in those beloved black accessories so well. And the whole lot is a nice background for the Women of Hampshire Brooch.

Women of Hampshire Brooch
Engagement and Wedding Rings 

The Queen held a private audience at Buckingham Palace today.
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The brooch was also worn on the dress underneath the suit jacket.