12 July 2018

Audience at Windsor Castle

The Queen received the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar for an audience at Windsor Castle.
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I thought this brooch would be a one-and-done thing, never to be seen after its original "courtesy" appearance - only because it's not really Her Maj's style - so this was a big surprise! This is what I've blandly called the American State Visit Brooch, a gift from President and Mrs. Obama on their state visit in 2011. The petals are moss agate, a unique material in her brooch collection. You can read more about it in our flashback to that state visit here.

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So you'll note I'm pretty specifically NOT making a comment on why she may have chosen to wear this brooch today. That's because I like to keep politics away from here. Call it a measure of personal sanity. Thanks in advance for playing along.