23 June 2018

Royal Ascot, Day 5

The Queen honored Ascot Races with her presence today.
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Ascot 2018 finishes up with another surprising brooch appearance: the Maple Leaf, at an occasion not specifically Canadian (which is how Her Maj usually uses it). That solid block of diamonds does look good on this patterned suit; it's her outfit from the CHOGM Opening, with a newly revealed hat.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

Just a few additional guests to cover today:

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Peter and Autumn Phillips were on hand again. We saw this hat on Autumn at Trooping the Colour 2017, where she paired it with a jade green dress from Hobbs in one of my favorite hat pairings of the year. The magenta's no longer an accent this time around, and I think this dress is the same style as the Trooping dress. This pink looks great on her. (As it does on most people, really!)

Lady Sarah Chatto was there too, sticking to her most classic style. Viscount Linley and Arthur Chatto were also spotted.

And that's a wrap for Ascot 2018!

Day 1: Queen Mary's Russian Brooch, on a yellow background
Day 2: The Jardine Star on light blue
Day 3: The Centenary Rose on pink
Day 4: The Queen Mother's Shell on green
Day 5: The Maple Leaf on blue/green

So Ascot 2018 did not, in the end, bring us anything new or anything exceptionally rare in the brooch department. The name of the game this year was surprising combinations, my favorite being the use of a sapphire on a yellow outfit. Which was your favorite?