18 June 2018

Garter Day

The Queen gave a Luncheon Party for the Companions for the Most Noble Order of the Garter. A Service was held in St. George's Chapel this afternoon.
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The Garter Service begins with the Garter Knights and Ladies walking down to St. George's Chapel, a procession full of pomp and ceremony. The Queen did not walk this year, however, choosing instead to ride in her car. I suspect this is a permanent change, bringing an end to her walking the distance in a mantle so long it needs two pages to bring up the rear. (I can't blame her, of course; I'm just glad she's still wearing the robes.) Her last time walking in the procession was actually 2015, since 2016's was switched to cars because of rain and 2017's service was cancelled.

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Jewel-wise, the event remains a showcase for The Queen's earrings. It's been white stones for a few years now, and that continues in 2018 with Queen Mary's Floret Earrings. We haven't seen these in use since 2014, so that's a nice return.

We'll be chatting about the rest of the crowd at the other blog tomorrow, so stay tuned.