19 May 2018

The Wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, and other Members of The Royal Family attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle, now The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, at St. George's Chapel, Windsor.
Royal Family Channel screencap

The Queen came ready for a spring wedding today, in an outfit in lime, lemon, and purple by Stewart Parvin with a matching hat by Angela Kelly. The Duke of Edinburgh was looking in fine form too, returning to the royal fold after his hip surgery.

Royal Family Channel screencap

My "practical" brooch guess turned out to be spot on, if I do say so myself: The Queen sized up from her everyday brooch selections with the Richmond Brooch, one of Queen Mary's wedding gifts. Very sparkly indeed!

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

Queen Mary's wedding gifts also provided part of the bride's tiara, which was on loan from The Queen.

Royal Family Channel screencap

Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau Tiara, as the palace called it in their release, has been popularly known on the internet as the Filigree Tiara. It's been a bit of a mystery, not seen since the later years of Queen Mary's life (she died in 1953), and it wasn't known if it was still with The Queen. Here's what the official information from the palace:

The veil is held in place by Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara, lent to Ms. Markle by The Queen. The diamond bandeau is English and was made in 1932, with the centre brooch dating from 1893. 

The bandeau, which is made of diamonds and platinum, is formed as a flexible band of eleven sections, pierced with interlaced ovals and pavĂ© set with large and small brilliant diamonds. The centre is set with a detachable brooch of ten brilliant diamonds. 

The diamond bandeau was made for Queen Mary and specifically designed to accommodate the centre brooch. This brooch was given as a present to the then Princess Mary in 1893 by the County of Lincoln on her marriage to Prince George, Duke of York. The bandeau and the brooch were bequeathed by Queen Mary to The Queen in 1953.

We'll have more on the tiara over at the other blog and it will eventually get its own post here as other jewels have - but first, the rest of the wedding posts! Stay tuned to the Order of Splendor.