17 May 2018

Place Your Bets: Which Brooch Will The Queen Wear to Harry and Meghan's Wedding?

By popular demand, here's your spot to guess which brooch The Queen will wear to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday!

I've had a bunch of requests for a flashback post on brooches worn by Her Majesty to past royal weddings, and we've actually already done that for several royal weddings; you find links to those flashbacks under the Royal Weddings section of the Annual & Special Events tab.

The wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, 2011

The Queen does tend to wear a larger brooch for special occasions like these. William and Kate got the True Lover's Knot; Charles and Camilla got the Australian Wattle; the Williamson Diamond Brooch was the choice for Charles and Diana's wedding as well as Edward and Sophie's wedding. (I believe that gorgeous pink diamond brooch is currently in Australia with the Cartier exhibition, taking it out of the running.)

Princess Marie Louise's Diamond Sunburst Brooch and The Queen Mother's Ruby and Diamond Floral Clip

Here are my wishes, both of them serious long shots: I've been waiting for the debut of Princess Marie Louise's Diamond Sunburst Brooch for for-e-ver, and I'd also love to see both of The Queen Mother's Ruby and Diamond Floral Clips used at the same time. (Like I said, long shots.) I'm leaning toward the Richmond Brooch as a more practical guess. Or maybe, since Her Maj has been in a purple mood this year, we could see the Kent Amethyst Brooch with pendants? Okay, I'll stop now.

Your turn! Tell me what you're wishing and predicting in the comments...