06 March 2018

International Maritime Organization Anniversary

The Queen visited the International Maritime Organization in London to celebrate its 70th anniversary.
Royal Family
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Well, this is weird. The Amethyst Bouquet Brooch went away for a while - no appearances between March 2014 and October 2015 - and when it returned, I noted that the design had been changed. Original and new versions of the same brooch...or so I thought. Some of you insisted that it wasn't a redesign, there were two different brooches. That never made much sense to me. But, well, here we are:

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This is the "original" brooch. It has a round and a pear-shape amethyst at the top instead of the two pear-shapes of the "new" version, along with other differences. And it's back again in 2018. So...two, apparently? Must be two, since the "revised" version was last seen in December 2017, not long ago. That obviously raises a lot of other questions (how long have there been two? Always, or just recently? And if recently...why?), none of which we have the answers to at this point. She's certainly keeping us on our toes, that's all I know.

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Amethyst Bouquet Brooch

For those with particular opinions about how I catalog and document things on this blog: At least at this time, I'm not going to designate two different Amethyst Bouquet Brooches with different names and different entries, because two brooches so similar are bound to create situations where we can't tell which is which. So, like pearl necklaces and Queen Victoria's Bow Brooches, I'm keeping everything lumped together in the same entry with the same name. At least at this time; this brooch entry has already been updated more times than I care to remember, so as with everything else around here, nothing's permanent.

And another P.S.: The Queen was spotted driving herself to church in Windsor on February 25th, not covered independently here because a brooch wasn't visible.