03 January 2018

Upcoming Documentary: The Coronation (Plus, a Serious Brooch Appearance!)

The BBC is set to air The Coronation this month, a special documentary telling the story of the coronation and the Crown Jewels. The documentary will feature something rare: thoughts from The Queen herself, in conversation with expert Alastair Bruce.

The Queen with Alastair Bruce
"I've seen one coronation, and been the recipient in the other, which is pretty remarkable," The Queen says as she shares memories of her own 1953 coronation in addition to memories from her father's 1937 coronation.

This documentary doesn't just give us a rare opportunity to hear The Queen's personal thoughts as the 65th anniversary of her coronation approaches; it gives us a rare opportunity to see "Granny's Chips" in action.

The Queen with St. Edward's Crown
Cullinans I and II are contained within the Crown Jewels she'll be discussing, so The Queen chose to round out the collection by wearing the Cullinan III & IV Brooch for this documentary appearance. The last time the brooch was worn was in 2012, for the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service. This blue dress is the perfect background for this spectacular carat display, and I think we're pretty lucky to see this brooch in use twice in six years!

On a related note, here's an old video of The Queen speaking about the Imperial State Crown:

The Coronation airs on the BBC on January 14th at 8 pm. It is part of the Royal Collection Season, a partnership between the BBC and Royal Collection Trust, which will also include a four-part television series, Art, Passion & Power: The Story Of The Royal Collection. The Smithsonian Channel will also air The Coronation on January 14th at 8 pm Eastern. It will air along with several other royal documentaries that day (h/t to scott).