18 January 2018

The Multi-Color Pendant Brooch

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The Queen wears the Multi-Color Pendant Brooch, 1984

The main portion of this brooch features stones in three light colors: blue, pink, and yellow, plus white stones in a surrounding design. (I wonder if all three colored stones are sapphires. Sapphires come in white as well, though my default guess for those is always diamonds given whose collection we're talking about.) The brooch has a blue stone pendant. It's an unusual brooch, thanks to those multi-colored stones, and it's an unusual piece to see The Queen wear.

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It's possible that the brooch had just one public outing, in 1984, prior to its surprise appearance at The Queen's 2018 visit to her local Sandringham Woman's Institute meeting. Its history is, thus far, not publicly known. The pink and blue combination is reminiscent of the Sapphire and Ruby Flower Spray Brooch, which is also not often worn. There are several brooches with multi-colored stones in The Queen's jewel vault, for that matter, most of which are not worn with any regularity. (The major exception, of course: her beloved Flower Basket Brooch.)

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