17 October 2017

Audience at Buckingham Palace, and the 48th Highlanders of Canada Badge

The Queen held an audience at Buckingham Palace.
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Whenever there are two brooches at once, one is most likely a badge worn special for the occasion. Such is the case here, too.

Six Petal Diamond Flower Brooch (Thanks to lovely commenter Adelaide, we now have a likely provenance for this piece. Click back to read.)
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The Queen was meeting a representative from the 48th Highlanders of Canada, so she popped on the badge she has from their regiment (which is enough her practice that we can count on it, even though we can't see it too well here). She is Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment.

The cap badge of the 48th Highlanders of Canada
Canadian Forces

The Queen's brooch is a platinum version of the regiment's badge, given to her in 1951 when she visited Toronto with The Duke of Edinburgh. She was photographed in it during a portrait session with  Ian Leslie Macdonald, where she also posed for a new official photo in the Maple Leaf Brooch for the 150th Anniversary of Canada's confederation. That portrait, and other interesting shots from the session (including a few of the brooches in their boxes), can be seen on the photographer's website.