15 June 2017

Upper North Street School Commemoration

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended a memorial service marking the 100th anniversary of the World War I bombing of Upper North Street School, which was the first daylight bombing raid by plane on London. They also visited the rebuilt school, now named Mayflower Primary School.
For more: Zimbio gallery.

A brooch that must be tied to The Queen's own memories of another world war seems somewhat fitting here, right? The return of the Aquamarine Clips continues our recent streak of favorites making late 2017 debuts; we haven't seen these popular twin baubles since November 2016. Maybe they've been gone so long she's forgotten that she usually wears them a little ore staggered than this. These are basically on top of each other.

Royal Family

(I liked this unusual top view of her Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat.) Anyway, I say good, let's get these faves out of the way now and *fingers crossed* make way for something new for Ascot...

So, yes, SPEAKING OF ASCOT: The State Opening of Parliament was delayed a couple days and will now be held on Wednesday, June 21. This puts it right during Ascot. According to Richard Palmer at the Express, though, Her Maj is determined to finish up her parliamentary duties in time to make the first race of the day. She's done it before, in 2001 (when a bit of the pomp was actually cut out to get her out of there quicker!). Do NOT mess with Ascot, people.