23 June 2017

Royal Ascot, Day 4

The Queen honored Ascot Races with her presence today.

I have a theory that Her Maj plans at least one Ascot outfit each year that is specifically designed to confound the bookies taking bets on her hat. How many colors will they have to pay out on this time?, she deviously giggles to herself as her carriage rolls into the ring. Nobody was betting on "muted jade", as Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat and Stewart Parvin called their creations, that's for sure. So they paid out on turquoise, green, and blue. 

The brooch would've been an easier guess, because we're back to the Jardine Star and back to her old favorites. I detect a hint of pink in the dress beneath (this is a really lovely color combo, actually) and that's all I need to suggest that the  Williamson Diamond Brooch would have been a superb choice here. On this outfit, and on all the rest of the outfits. Yeah, I'm just gonna keep on suggesting it.