16 June 2017

Grenfell Tower Relief Center Visit and Audiences at Buckingham Palace (Plus, a New Brooch!)

The Queen and The Duke of Cambridge visited a relief center for victims of this week's Grenfell Tower fire in London.

These two make a great team, and this brooch was a great choice. The City of London Lily Brooch was a gift to Princess Elizabeth in 1947 when she was granted the Freedom of the City. It's not a common selection for The Queen (we last saw it in 2012, the only time it has been worn since this blog started) so it feels like an intentional bit of London pride.

The Queen also held an audience at Buckingham Palace.

This is the dress that goes under her blue coat from the relief center visit, with a different brooch. My original thought here was the Diamond Art Deco Double Clip. The shape is also close to the Triple Diamond Bar Brooch, but I'm calling it for the Double Clip.

This audience was with the Czech president and his family, and - unless Google translate is doing me wrong here - I believe Her Majesty picked up another brooch for her collection.
A Bohemian garnet brooch and a silk scarf! The brooch has four rows of garnets and the comments on that tweet point out that a very similar model is available for purchase at this web shop.