13 June 2017

Anniversary Train Ride and Companions of Honour Centenary

Double event, double outfit, double brooch day!

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh celebrated the 175th anniversary of the first train journey taken by a British monarch, replicating Queen Victoria's 1842 journey from Slough Railway Station to London Paddington. 
Royal Family

Her Maj must not have been feeling very literal today, or surely we would have had a Queen Victoria brooch to remember Queen Victoria's train trip. 

But a close up of the Nizam's even better, no? There's so much dimension to these roses. The tiara they came from would have been a sight to see in action.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended an Evensong service and reception at Hampton Court Palace, London, to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Companions of Honour. 
Royal Family
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For her second outfit and brooch of the day, The Queen brought back the Jardine Star. Much like the recently reappeared Cambridge Pearl Pendant, this perpetual favorite is making its first appearance in 2017 after a lengthy hiatus. We haven't seen it since last October! It returned on an outfit it's seen before.

Royal Family

Quite a game of who's who, this gathering of the Order of the Companions of Honour. The order was founded by George V in 1917 as an award for outstanding achievement.

Jardine Star Brooch