14 May 2017

Royal Windsor Horse Show

May 10-14: The Queen attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show at Home Park, Windsor.

As she does every year, The Queen was in casual mode for several days to join the fun happening in her backyard at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Just her engagement and wedding rings and one of her black strap watches were on display for these days.

The Queen does present some of the prizes and watch a display or two, and that's when the brooches come back out to play. On Saturday, it was Queen Victoria's Bow Brooch. This coat was originally worn with a more distinctive hat - interesting to see it paired with a more typical shape now. (Another view here.)

Queen Victoria's Bow Brooch
Pearl Stud Earrings
Single Strand Pearl Necklace 

And on Sunday, she continued to pull from Queen Victoria's legacy as Queen Victoria's 11 Pearl Brooch made its first 2017 appearance.