19 May 2017

Dinner at The Ivy

May 18: The Queen attended a private dinner at The Ivy restaurant, London, to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Party time! Her Maj looked lovely in her wrap for a rare night out, and - happily, for us - she made sure she didn't forget her jewels at home: big ruby and diamond earrings from Queen Mary, a double strand of pearls, fabulous bracelets, and a plethora of diamond rings.  People often think that she doesn't wear many rings, apart from her usual engagement and wedding set, but that's not really true. She's actually prone to adding several rings at a time for evening engagements. We just usually see her with evening gloves, so this goes unnoticed.

The Queen left carrying a custom purse with a photo on it. Though reports said at first the image was of Princess Margaret (as the above headline indicates), it turns out it's actually a portrait of Archduchess Helen of Austria, the birthday girl in question. Archduchess Helen was celebrating her 80th birthday and these were given to the guests.