01 April 2017

The Queen Mother's Diamond Flower Earrings

The Queen Mother wears her Diamond Flower Earrings
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was fond of these earrings, each of which features a central round diamond surrounded by marquise diamond "petals" to create a flower shape. Their origin is not precisely known, although a gift from King George VI or one of the jewels Queen Elizabeth commissioned herself would be the best guesses. They were in her collection for decades, becoming particular favorites in her later years. The earrings were inherited by The Queen in 2002.

Video: The Queen Mother wore the earrings in 1995
The Diamond Flower Earrings illustrate some of the differences between the jewelry selections of The Queen and her mother. These were regular options for daytime wear for Queen Elizabeth, who was even known to wear the Greville Peardrop Earrings for the occasional special day event. But for The Queen, who is so tied to her usual pearl earrings for daytime (and who generally includes pearls for day even when she strays from those), these all-diamond earrings are strictly an evening option.

The Queen wears the Diamond Flower Earrings with the George VI Festoon Necklace, 2009
They're not even a frequent evening option for The Queen, at that; she wore them a couple times in 2009 and that's about it so far. I'd love to see her loan them to The Countess of Wessex or The Duchess of Cambridge, where they might get more use. They're lovely earrings that could be favorites again for someone.