18 March 2017

The Duchess of Cambridge's Diamond Chandelier Earrings

The Duchess of Cambridge wears the Diamond Chandelier Earrings, 2016
The Duchess of Cambridge has worn this interesting pair of earrings on several occasions. The chandelier earrings each have three thin strands of round and baguette diamonds supporting a large pear-shaped diamond pendant and a diamond arc below; at the very bottom rests a fringe of three additional strands of round and baguette diamonds. The combinations of diamond cuts is reminiscent of the Greville Chandelier Earrings, but the design is far more delicate.

The Duchess debuts the earrings
The Duchess first wore these earrings for a BAFTA dinner in Los Angeles in 2011, while she and The Duke of Cambridge were on the first royal tour of their marriage. It was announced then that the earrings had been loaned to her by The Queen. Neither The Queen nor any other royal lady is known to have worn these earrings in public prior to that occasion, but that's not entirely unusual; as we've seen here, pieces can go unworn in the royal collection for decades at a time if they are not in favor with their royal owner. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother seemed especially prone to this, and I do wonder if these earrings were in her collection before passing to The Queen and being loaned to The Duchess (purely my speculation).

Regardless, they now have a prime showcase on The Duchess of Cambridge. They are regular choices for "major event" earrings, for use with tiaras and occasionally at other evening events, and she wears them well.

Note: I refer to them in the title as The Duchess of Cambridge's Diamond Chandelier Earrings not as an indication of ownership or provenance, but as an easy identifier. 

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