25 December 2016

Christmas Broadcast, 2016

Merry Christmas! We're chatting about Christmas service appearances at the other blog here. And over here:

The Queen's annual message was broadcast on Christmas Day.
Royal Family video
Still suffering from a heavy cold, The Queen skipped the usual Christmas church services at Sandringham, so thank goodness the Christmas speech is recorded in advance. She spoke about unsung heroes from the Regency Room in Buckingham Palace while seated next to pictures of her husband and oldest son, and she wore an Angela Kelly-designed deep jade silk cloque dress with deep jade velvet trim at the neck and pockets. She also wore Queen Victoria's 11 Pearl Brooch, a favorite of the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Eagle-eyed brooch observers will note that she's chosen to wear the brooch on the opposite side from its normal position, which is unusual for her.