27 December 2016

2016: The Duchess of Cornwall's Year in Tiaras

The Duchess of Cornwall certainly has her favorites. Even more so than The Queen does, really. If you needed any proof of that, well, 2016's tiara appearances are here to present their evidence:

Roger Harris/House of Lords 2016/via CC BY-NC 2.0
Take the Greville Tiara, pair it with the Four Strand Pearl Choker with Large Diamond Clasp, add in some earrings (these are the Everyday Pearl Pendants) and a brooch to anchor the Royal Victorian Order sash (the oval Art Deco diamond brooch here), pair it with this white ensemble, and you're set. This is the same outfit she wore to this event in 2015.

British Monarchy screencap
This time, that combo was paired with the earrings from the Pear Drop Diamond Demi-Parure, just for a little variety. Everything else is the same.

....and, ditto. Same outfit, same everything. The only switch up here is the diamond bow brooch that's anchoring her sash, although that's basically on the back and not terribly visible.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone have this many identical tiara appearances in a row. And if you check our round up of her tiara events from 2015, you'll see that she also favored this choker + tiara + white outfit combo last year. The outfit is great on her and this tiara fits her like a dream, but these events are all starting to blend together. Maybe just a bit of color in 2017? Pretty please?