30 August 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall's Orange Stone and Diamond Brooch

The Duchess of Cornwall wearing her Orange Stone and Diamond Brooch
On the second day of Royal Ascot 2007, The Duchess of Cornwall arrived to the races wearing a lovely embellished cream coat and dress. Her hat was as big as ever, but the real showstopping accessory of the day was the massive brooch pinned on her shoulder. This elegant brooch is centered around a large oval stone of a deep orange color, surrounded by diamond scrolls and dotted with single diamonds.

This, so far, has been the brooch's only known appearance, and details are nonexistent. The type of orange stone is unconfirmed; popular guesses include citrine or maybe a vibrant cairngorm (a wealth of other guesses are represented in the comments below, as well). Provenance is also unconfirmed, but given that a large percentage of Camilla's loaned jewels originated with the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother - combined with the impressive size and antique look of the piece - it may be another previously unknown piece from the late queen consort's stash. For now, I'd just like to see it worn again.