08 July 2016

Holyrood Week: Visit to Musselburgh Racecourse and Hamilton & Inches

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Musselburgh Racecourse to mark its 200th anniversary. They also visited Hamilton & Inches, Edinburgh jewelers and silversmiths.

Ah, so that's why she didn't just go ahead and wear the Albert Sapphire to church on Sunday. WELL PLAYED.

The royal couple picked up a few more gifts (a Post-it note holder - apparently HM's a fan of sticky notes, but then who isn't - and a silver bowl from Hamilton & Inches, with a kilt pin for The DoE) and spent some time at the races, where her horse Elementary finished third. Not a bad day for Her Maj, I should think. And she got to say hello to Cruachan IV, the Shetland pony mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland! (See video here.)

Racing UK screencap