13 July 2016

East Anglian Air Ambulance Base Opening, and Audiences at Buckingham Palace

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh officially opened a new operational base for East Anglian Air Ambulance at Cambridge Airport, where The Duke of Cambridge is a helicopter pilot.
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This is a pretty perfect brooch for this outfit, picking up on a little of the floral dress beneath. (This photo's for those of you that were entertained by William dwarfing his grandparents at the Thistle service last week, by the way.)

A visit with her grandson was supposed to be the highlight of Her Maj's day. Instead, it was a quick trip back to Buckingham Palace as the revolving door of prime ministers spun once more:

David Cameron had an Audience of The Queen, and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister. The Queen the received in audience Theresa May and requested her to form a new Administration.

Welcoming your thirteenth British prime minister does call for something a little larger on the brooch front.