14 May 2016

Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Queen attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show at Home Park, Windsor.

As usual, The Queen went casual for a few days to browse around the Royal Windsor Horse Show, where she looked just as entertained as we all are that her prize for a winning horse was a Tesco gift card. Just what she needed!

She was also spotted the following day (Friday), again in casual mode with her engagement and wedding Rings and one of her casual watches.

The RWHS usually brings a brooch or two as well.

A photo posted by Kent Farrington (@teamkpf) on

To present the King's Cup to American show jumper Kent Farrington, a brooch we haven't seen in three years came out of hiding: the Gold Lace Work Brooch, worn alongside her Pearl Stud Earrings and a double strand of pearls.

UPDATE: On the final day, The Queen presented prizes again, wearing the Aquamarine Clip Brooches. You can see photos at the Daily Mail. (With thanks to Jelena.)