19 May 2016

Buckingham Palace Garden Party

The Queen and other members of the Royal Family held a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Doesn't The Duke look particularly dapper today? This is a sharp tie. The Queen's minty ensemble is...hmm, but the Cullinan V can be spotted from a mile away, so that's all as it should be.

Three Strand Pearl Necklace

Also in attendance...
This choker used to be more of a special occasion thing for The Duchess of Cornwall, and I'm extremely glad to see it becoming an everyday selection this year. The petite Prince of Wales feathers brooch she wore on her wedding day is a nice touch. (Though I must say I'm a little dubious on the rest of the outfit, which you can see here.)

Photos: The Royal Family
And last but not least: The Prince of Wales, The Princess Royal, The Duke of Kent, and Princess Alexandra of Kent! Princess Alexandra's looking fresh and nearly as sporty as one can in a massive garden party hat, with that striped scarf on.