02 April 2016

The Diplomatic Corps Diamond Floral Earrings

On this blog, we've already covered several jewels given to The Queen as birthday gifts over the years (from her youth, really, since we're not often privy to what she receives today). As we mark Her Majesty's 90th birthday, we'll be looking at a few more presents from birthdays past, starting right here... 

The Diplomatic Corps Diamond Floral Earrings
The Queen's jewel vault rapidly expanded in 1947, as gifts large and small poured in for her 21st birthday in April and for her wedding in November. These floral earrings, delicate designs with curved diamond petals around a central diamond stone, were a 21st birthday gift from the Diplomatic Corps. They featured prominently in a set of 1951 portraits by Yousef Karsh which have appeared on everything from Canadian money to biographies and beyond over the years.
In her younger years, the Diamond Floral Earrings were a solid choice for even her most formal tiara-clad occasions. They were an exceptionally lovely match for the jewels given to her as wedding presents by the Nizam of Hyderabad (with the necklace as seen above, or with the dismantled tiara as seen in this post), picking up on the floral motifs present in those Cartier designs.
Wearing the earrings in 2008
Today, obviously, she has a great many more earring options at her disposal, and the Diplomatic Corps Diamond Floral Earrings have been mainly a black tie event selection in recent years. They are every bit as lovely on The Queen today as they were when they were received, and I only wish we could see them more often.

Photos: Yousef Karsh/Random House/Taschen/Amazon/Getty Images