16 March 2016

High Commissioners' Banquet and Audiences

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended a reception for the High Commissioners' Banquet to mark Commonwealth Week at the Guildhall, London.
I said the first time we saw this outfit/brooch combo - which was during Commonwealth week last year - that I felt this suit needs a stronger gold brooch, and I have to stick with that assessment on second glance.

Also today, The Queen held audiences at Buckingham Palace.
I don't know what prompted this different look at the usual audience room, but I do know that a peek at this little sit down with the splendidly attired High Commissioner for Rwanda makes me way too happy. A brooch view! Bless. What I really can't believe is that I don't have a positively identified public appearance for the Cambridge Pearl - always a favorite - listed since July 2015. Inconceivable.

Photos: WPA Pool via Getty Images