01 January 2016

Your 2016 Predictions and Wishes...

Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 will treat you well. And I hope 2016 will treat us well too, in the jewel department!

A new year calls for a little bit of fun, so let's kick things off by indulging in a round of frivolous jewel wishes and predictions...

Which jewels are you most looking forward to seeing (or hoping to see) in 2016?

The Queen carried out 341 engagements in 2015, with little signs of slowing down in 2016. Plus, we know we have a state visit from Spain and celebrations for The Queen's 90th birthday headlining the first half of the new year. So...what are your fingers crossed for on the jewel front? A long-awaited debut of something that's slept in the vault for years? More appearances of something that's already a favorite? Do tell.


What would you most like to see covered on the blog in 2016?

Is there any particular jewel you've been waiting to see covered here? (Besides, you know, "everything".) I already have some features planned, including things we didn't get to in 2015 and a couple pieces that require updating with new information, but I am curious to know what piece you've most been hoping to see featured on the blog as I continue planning for the new year. Of course, this goes for The Duchess of Cornwall's jewels and any other loans from The Queen to other family members, too. (I can't make any guarantees that we'll cover every requested item, obviously.)

Photo: via Getty Images