07 December 2015

The Malta Aquamarine Brooch

The Malta Aquamarine Brooch
Featuring an oval aquamarine stone with a diamond setting and a larger diamond surround, The Queen debuted this brooch when opening the 2015 session of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta.
The name I am using here, the Malta Aquamarine Brooch, refers to that location and not to a known provenance. Queen Mary wore* a brooch which could be a match, with a similar shape and basic design. It's an interesting potential provenance, since Queen Mary was not regularly associated with aquamarine stones, and she appears to be wearing a brooch with another colored stone in the photo. The first appearance of the brooch has naturally prompted speculation of a connection to either Malta or the Commonwealth, although The Queen more frequently wears brooches without such a connection to this event. Officially, the origin of this lovely and dainty brooch remains unconfirmed.

*This was noticed in a photograph posted by Beth at the Royal Jewels of the World Message Board in March 2016, and the Malta Brooch resemblance was pointed out by Brock. Thanks to them both.

29 May 2019: Audience at Buckingham Palace
27 November 2015: Visit to Malta, CHOGM Opening Ceremony

Photos: CHOGM Malta Flickr/DOI-Omar Camilleri/via Getty Images