21 November 2015

Queen Mary’s Diamond Indian Bangle Bracelets

Queen Mary's Diamond Indian Bangle Bracelets
Among the jewels Queen Mary picked from her own collection to give to her granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth, as wedding presents in 1947 was this set of two bangle bracelets. Each features a solid row of diamonds set in gold and silver.
Queen Mary
According to the Royal Collection, the bracelets were one of Mary’s own wedding presents, a gift to her from the Bombay Presidency (earlier, they had been listed as a 1907 gift to Mary from the Maharajah of Bikaner, in Leslie Field's The Queen's Jewels). Other gifts given by Queen Mary in 1947 also came from her 1893 wedding: the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, the County of Cornwall Bracelet, the Devonshire earrings, the original jewels used to make Queen Mary's Stomacher, and the Dorset Bow Brooch.
The Queen, as Princess Elizabeth
The Queen has worn the Indian Bangle Bracelets, but more notably while she was still Princess Elizabeth. Her larger diamond bracelet options, such as Queen Mary’s Chain-Link Bracelet or Queen Victoria’s Diamond Bracelet, are more frequent pick for big events today.

Photos: Royal Collection/Queen Elizabeth II, via Getty Images