28 November 2015

Malta Visit: Day 3, Departure

On the third and final day of their State Visit to Malta, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Heritage Malta and Marsa Racecourse before their official farewell ceremony and departure from Malta International airport. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall ended their Malta trip with an engagement in Mdina before departing.
One more rare-ish brooch for the road! This is the third time we've seen this turquoise brooch following its debut last year. Turquoise can be a bit polarizing when it comes to fine jewelry, but this is a perfect example of how well it can work when it's done right. And, of course, this is the perfect end to a trip full of sparkly delights.

The Duchess of Cornwall ended her trip with an impressive dedication to her chosen flying bug theme: first dragonfly brooches, then a moth brooch, and now a sapphire and diamond butterfly brooch (yet a another piece we have not covered here).
Longtime readers will know that I generally CANNOT with the bug jewelry. But, go figure, Camilla has managed to wear three in a row that I find quite lovely. One of many reasons we had to add her to our little blog scope.

Recap Time!

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Day 2: Mysterious aquamarine debut
Day 2, Dinner: Emeralds for days
Day 3: Turquoise fun

Favorite jewel moment for you? For me, well, nothing beats emeralds with my beloved pink topaz set for Camilla.