13 November 2015

Luncheon for the Prime Minister of India, and Audiences

The Queen received the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, at Buckingham Palace during his visit to the United Kingdom. Her Majesty hosted a luncheon for the Prime Minister, after which they viewed a selection of items from the Royal Collection with ties to India.
It's been nearly a year since we saw the lovely Flame Lily, which is too long in my book! Gorgeous piece.

The Queen also held audiences at Buckingham Palace today.
For more: Zimbio gallery.
We're back to the brooch guessing game. My money's on the Women of Hampshire Brooch, do you concur? (Wonderfully interesting jewelry on our guest here, too. This is the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan, Gulnara Iskakova, who was among those presenting their credentials to The Queen today.)

Photos:via WPA Pool/Getty Images