22 October 2015

The Queen Mother's Triple Emerald and Gold Brooch

The Queen Mother wearing her Triple Emerald and Gold Brooch
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This intriguing jewel features three large green stones, which I am assuming are emeralds but could beanother variety. They're surrounded by gold designs hinting at petal shapes, turning them into floral motifs, with stems and leaves featuring diamonds. This brooch was a scarcely-worn member of the collection of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and it would have been inherited by The Queen when her mother passed away in 2002.
The brooch on The Queen
I continue to be interested in the way The Queen has divided up the large collection of The Queen Mother's jewels. Many obviously went to The Duchess of Cornwall, while The Queen kept some of the more historic items. She also kept this green brooch, which makes me wonder if there's a story behind it, or if she just likes it. She wore it for the first time in public during the Chinese state visit in 2015.

22 October 2015: State Visit from China, Farewell

Images: via Getty Images and ITNSource video screencap