20 October 2015

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bar Choker Bracelet

Queen Mary wearing Queen Mary's Diamond Bar Choker Bracelet
This necklace, featuring a series of diamond bars or links, was one of several diamond chokers in Queen Mary’s collection. It is included in The Queen’s Diamonds book where it is labeled as Queen Mary’s Chain-Link Bracelets, so there’s a bit of confusion between these two similar jewels. Also like the Chain-Link Bracelets, this choker later appears to have been used as a bracelet. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother wore it in her charming 75th birthday portraits by Norman Parkinson (which are among my favorite royal portraits). It now appears to be worn once again by The Duchess of Cambridge, who has likely been loaned the piece by The Queen.

Appearances (on The Duchess of Cambridge):
17 March 2017: Visit to Paris
22 June 2016: Houghton Hall Gala Dinner
8 December 2015: Diplomatic Reception
20 October 2015: State Visit from China, State Banquet

Photos: Popperfoto via Getty Images