08 October 2015

Flashback: State Visit from China, 2005

The Queen has now returned to Buckingham Palace and is getting ready for a busy fall schedule. One of the highlights will be a state visit from the Chinese president from October 20-23. The last incoming state visit from the People's Republic of China was ten years ago, when Hu Jintao visited in November 2005. A quick flashback:

As The Queen was, by this time, quite firmly set with her favorite brooches, the appearance of the City of London Lily Brooch for the welcome ceremony (above) was as exciting as the brooch schedule got. Given to then-Princess Elizabeth when she received the Freedom of the City of London in 1947, the diamond pin is the most flattering part of this outfit (that hat...well, it's not a favorite of mine).

Also by this time, The Queen had settled into her white-on-white state banquet dress code, this gold number being one of the occasional "exceptions".  Without a Chinese order to wear, she stuck to her Garter regalia and her Royal Family Orders.
Her Majesty did make one of my absolute favorite jewel pairings, though: the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara and the King Khalid Diamond Necklace, a match made in heaven. She added the Antique Girandole Earrings and what looks like Queen Mary's Chain-Link Bracelet.

The most interesting jewel selection was not from The Queen but from The Princess Royal, who wore a "mystery" tiara (of course, since we hardly get glimpses of other Royal Family members at state banquets, it was hard to see; click here for Anne and here for the piece she was probably wearing). Let's hope the upcoming Buckingham Palace state banquet brings something equally interesting...

Photos: via Getty Images