16 July 2015

Visit to Barking and Dagenham, and Audience at Buckingham Palace

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Barking and Dagenham to mark the London Borough's 50th anniversary.
A relatively rare brooch, worn so that it can properly be seen for a change! Excellent! The Opal Spray Brooch was a wedding present to The Queen from the Returned Sailors', Soldiers' and Airmen's Imperial League of Australia. It's interesting, though - opal is usually a stone that I would say Her Maj does not favor, and this brooch still seems a rare one to spot, but she's worn it three times since this blog started. That's a lot when you consider the size of her collection, really.

This is basically the best look we've had at this brooch in all the many decades she has owned it, so I can't object despite not caring much for the brooch's design. The opals do look great on this color, and the brooch is larger and much more reminiscent of the Sri Lankan Flower Spray Brooch than I thought from past appearances.

Yesterday, July 15, The Queen received the President of the Republic of Kosovo for an audience at Buckingham Palace.
The combination of an audience and a floral dress has again made brooch identification difficult. Even on video, I can't see it. Boo.

Photos:via Getty Images