25 June 2015

State Visit to Germany, Garden Party

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh attended a Garden Party hosted by the British Ambassador in Berlin during their state visit to Germany.
Now we're talking! This isn't a brooch debut, but The Queen has worn this ruby and diamond brooch from The Queen Mother's collection only a few times previously, so we're still in the rare department of the brooch stash. (Interestingly, much like the Multi-Color French Flower Brooch from the official welcome ceremony of this trip, this brooch also made an appearance during last year's French state visit.)
I think it's had more impact on colored coats in the past as opposed to this white background (her outfit here is described as a "Stewart Parvin shift dress of white cotton tweed flecked with coral ribbon with a matching coat edged in bias fringed braid and a hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan"), but you still can't miss that this is a seriously sizable jewel.