26 June 2015

State Visit to Germany, Final Day

On the last day of their state visit to Germany, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Brandenburg Gate with the Mayor of Berlin and met members of the public in Pariser Platz. Before departing for the United Kingdom, they visited the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp memorial site and laid a wreath at the inscription wall.
And the state visit closes with two more new/new-ish brooches! Continuing her "flowers around the United Kingdom" theme, she accessorized her yellow and gray Angela Kelly outfit with the Daffodil Spray Brooch. This is likely to have been another part of the set of pins from the Sultan of Oman that we know included the Three Thistle Brooch. 
It was a cheery combo for the last cheery event of the trip (and an easily visible one, for her only real walkabout with the crowds).

Underneath the happy yellow coat, a more somber gray dress - with another matching coat - was waiting for the visit to Bergen-Belsen.
The Bronte Porcelain Brooch is a large piece, but one that is not as sparkly, which seems a good choice here. It's also another new/rare item, having debuted just last year, and so we close the trip with a solid theme for the brooch line up.

Photos:via Getty Images