17 June 2015

Royal Ascot, Day 2

The Queen honored Ascot Races with her presence today.

Oh, we are doing the heavy hitters this week, aren't we? Another treasure from the gems left to the Crown by Queen Victoria, we haven't seen Prince Albert's Sapphire in over a year, and I've missed it so. It's beautifully showcased today by her royal blue silk crêpe outfit from Karl-Ludwig Rehse and her matching Angela Kelly hat.

Here's a little comparison, Day 1 to Day 2:
If the Many-Brooched God is taking requests for the rest of the week...the Kent Amethyst Brooch (WITH its pendants, please oh please!) would fit in with both the "Queen Victoria" theme and the "big colored stone and its diamond friends" theme...ahem. I'll be begging for that one until the end of time.

P.S.: Stay tuned to the other blog for fashion roundups from the rest of the Ascot guests.

Photos:via Getty Images