09 June 2015

Gurkha 200 Pageant

The Queen attended a pageant to mark 200 years of Gurkha service to the Crown at Royal Hospital Chelsea, London.
I was surprised that we didn't see anything more formal in the jewel department, given that some of the men were in black tie, but her silver and white Angela Kelly outfit did have a bit of interest on the sleeves and hem to fancy it up.
To this, she added her Pearl Triangle Brooch, which we haven't seen in over a year.

Is that The Sultan of Brunei up there, you ask? Why yes it is, my eagle-eyed friend.
And here he is resisting the urge to back away slowly as The Duke of Edinburgh examines a Kukri, a traditional Gurkha weapon.

Also present were The Prince of Wales and Prince Harry. They both have added ties to the Gurkhas: Charles is Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Gurkha Rifles and a patron of the Gurkha Welfare Trust, which organized the event, and Harry lived with a Gurkha battalion while serving in Afghanistan.

Photos:via Getty Images