27 June 2015

Event Roundup: State Visit to Germany, 2015

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh received an enthusiastic welcome from the German public for their fifth full state visit to the country. The Queen brought an interesting mix of jewels with her, repeating three of the five brooches she wore for Ascot the previous week, wearing jewels with a connection to Albert and Victoria, and also fitting in some pieces that have debuted in just the past year or two.

Arrival: June 23 

The German jewel connections kicked off with a brooch from Prince Albert 

Day 1: June 24 

A large brooch from the last outgoing state visit returns

The Queen thrills us with one of the finest sets of rubies in the world 

Day 2: June 25 

The third and final brooch from Ascot reappears 

A rare brooch from The Queen Mother makes an appearance 

Day 3: June 26 

The end of the trip brings two more recently debuted brooches 

A few last highlights:

Charmed by a waving robot that was taught to recognize Her Maj. I hope someone gives her one for the top of the piano at home. (Video of this moment here.)

An old hand at bouquet management, Prince Philip picks up a thrown bouquet for HM. Still cute. 

Video: True state banquet sparkle, even in this bright lighting. Those rubies will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Your turn: What was your favorite moment (jewel-related or not)? 

Next up: Holyrood Week!

Photos: via Getty Images