02 May 2015

The Royal Lancers Badges

When you see The Queen wearing a brooch in a design that seems far outside her usual taste, there's a fair chance it's a badge of some sort. And that's possibly never more true than when it comes to a skull and crossbones motif!
Badge illustration
In the case of the badge of The Royal Lancers, a skull and crossbones with a banner reading "Or Glory" beneath completes the representation of their motto, "Death or Glory," with two crossed lances with pennants behind.
The Queen wore a version of the badge for the May 2, 2015 Amalgamation Parade marking the formation of The Royal Lancers from the combination of The Queen's Royal Lancers and 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's). The brooch was listed on The Queen's list of official gifts from 2015 as a diamanté brooch from The Queen's Royal Lancers.

In past engagements with The Queen's Royal Lancers, pre-amalgamation, a larger brooch was worn:
This large version bears the same symbols with an additional circle around, and is set in gold with diamonds and rubies or other white/red stones, with a blue enamel banner. The Queen was Colonel-in-Chief of The Queen's Royal Lancers, and is Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Lancers as well. As with the rest of her military badges, she wears these brooches when on engagements specifically pertaining to the regiment.

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Photos: British Army and via Getty Images